GuerillaCoin – Changing the face of digital currency

Changing the face of digital currency.

Introducing Proof of Strength, the evolution of Proof of Stake.
An innovative solution to securing the blockchain. Variable interest rewards those holding Guerilla in their Guerilla Power Wallet (GPW).

Variable (Strength) Interest, compounded, 1-8%


Guerilla’s Power Wallet (GPW)


Proof of Strength

Guerillas Power Wallet let’s you see your network strength via the unique POStr power bar.
As well as seeing your strength you will get a strength rating…
Oh! And it look’s great too!

Are you Weak or King Midas?

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Introducing Whisper Send


The key to private financial transactions

Whisper Send is Guerillacoin’s new proprietary privatesend function. It harnesses the security and privacy of the TOR network, allowing you to keep all of your financial transactions private between you and your recipients.

Merging coins through the TOR network gives you complete financial privacy. Whisper Send provides secure, personal tracking of the merged transactions. User-selectable merging strength allows you to balance the time-sensitivity of your transactions with the degree of privacy you desire.

So how does it work?

After the user selects a merging strength, a request is made to the merging service and a merging address is automatically returned. Coins are then sent to this address in a TORified transaction, and fresh, untraceable coins are returned. If selected, the returned coins are split up into multiple transactions and obfuscated in a way that will also prevent timing attacks. The entire transaction is trackable (but only by you) for your convenience and security.


How it works

Guerilla is a new Proof of Strength Crypto-Currency. Unlike other Proof of Stake coins, Guerilla seeks to end the security debate on Proof of Stake.

The solution is simple and rewards coin holders with higher interest for keeping coins in local wallets. Thus providing security and faster transactions for the blockchain.

Guerilla is rare, with only 15,000,000 coins total even at the highest interest rates there will be no large influx of coins coming onto the market.

Guerilla’s approach will provide Security, Stability and Growth to your digital asset portfolio.

You do know the difference between a Gorilla and Guerilla right? Sure we do, Guerillas are FIERCE and Gorillas are STRONG



guer|rilla also guerila
A member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting
typically against larger regular forces:

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