Tamadoge To Launch 1000 New NFTs Today

Trending NFT project Tamadoge (TAMA) has been turning heads recently following the launch of its NFT collections. 

While the October 6th release of the ultra-rare NFT collection sold out quickly, investors have another chance to acquire some Tamadoge NFTs. This is possible thanks to the October 17th release of the rare Tamadoge pet collection.

What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a new meme coin with a distinct focus on utility. In contrast to the majority of meme coins, Tamadoge is unique. Other tokens generate hype but provide little in the way of intrinsic value. However, Tamadoge blends some of the hottest sectors within cryptocurrency. They do this in order to create a diverse and value-rich ecosystem that crypto enthusiasts love.

The project allows users to explore a Metaverse world known as the Tamaverse. They do this while raising 3D-animated NFT-based pets and interacting with other players. 

Leveling up a Tamadoge pet using items from the in-game store will reward the owner with Dogepoints. Furthermore, it will also boost their leaderboard ranking and increase the share of the rewards pool. Especially to the degree to which the holder is entitled. 

The Tamadoge NFT Collections

Recently, Tamadoge launched its first NFT collection – a series of 100 ultra-rare pets with boosted stats. This collection sold out quickly, even briefly hitting the number 1 trending spot on OpenSea

Tamadoge has now launched its second collection, a series of 1,000 rare NFTs. 

Each Tamadoge NFT features unique artwork and is attributed various stats that will affect the pet’s performance. The most obvious way it can be affected is in the upcoming Tamdoge arcade-style and flagship games. 

Meanwhile, the current Tamadoge pet NFTs will be usable in the mini-games. Consequently, holders will also be airdropped a Tamadoge puppy once the full game is released.

Furthermore, the ultra-rare Tamadoge collection has gone from selling for roughly 1.5 to 3-ETH each to a price of 5.99-ETH. 

This happened within the space of a week and we could see huge moves for the rare and common NFTs. It’ll be interesting to see how things progress. But as it stands today, Tamadoge could be the best NFT drop in 2022. 

Big Eyes Is On The Rise

Big Eyes Coin has attracted a lot of attention since its inception. The new platform provides its users with an array of services from which they can earn and save tokens. Big Eyes Coin has adopted a unique zero-tax policy on shopping so you can save more of your BIG tokens!

The Big Eyes Coin platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, utilising its newly updated Proof-of-Stake consensus. This is to increase its transaction speed while reducing its environmental impact. Big Eyes Coin will donate 5% of its tokens to ocean conservation efforts to protect a crucial part of our ecosystem. Not only that, but to also showcase its commitment to sustainability.

NFTs will become a big part of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem when they launch at stage three of the roadmap. Big Eyes Coin is moving away from having NFTs as something to look at. Instead, Big Eyes Coin is bringing utility to NFTs and using them as keys to access exclusive events and clubs.

Ethereum Merge Helps NFT Transactions

Now Ethereum is a Proof-of-Stake platform, users can take advantage of its fast transaction speeds that can reach up to 100,000 per second at its peak performance. Those worried about the environmental impact of Ethereum can put their mind at ease. With the new update, Ethereum has reduced its carbon footprint by 99%.

Ethereum hosts the most popular NFT marketplace in the blockchain industry, OpenSea. Since the Merge has increased transaction speeds, OpenSea users will enjoy increased speeds with potentially lower fees.