Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2023-2030

Status Price Prediction

In 2022, the crypto market rose to dizzying heights and saw an incredible crash all in the same year. As we enter 2023, the market is staring to show signs of stability and the future looks good for cryptocurrencies. Status is no exception, as investors are looking to the coin to provide a steady return, and this leads to the question – what kind of Status price prediction can we make for 2023?

Starting with a modest $0.02339, Statu is experiencing a steady increase in price over the past few months that is expected to continue throughout 2023. With developers continuously working to update the coin’s decentralized message system, Ethereum scalability and Android platform, we anticipate that the coin’s value will rise and settle at around $0.10149 at the end of 2023. This surge in value comes as a result of the coin’s growing reputation and increasing acceptance on the market.

The Status platform has been constantly pushing out updates to optimize the user experience as well as introduce new and improved features. With improved messaging capabilities and a wider audience, more traders are likely to invest in the coin, driving up the price. Increased adoption and awareness can be credited to the DApp pilot project that is currently taking place, which will further ensure that the coin is on the track to long-term success. Moreover, several digital asset exchanges have expressed interest in listing the coin, meaning traders have access to a wider pool off investment options.


2024 Status Price Prediction

Fast-forwarding to 2024 and Status’s value is looking even more attractive. With a steady increase in the coin’s valuation, the coin’s total market cap is expected to settle around $139.489 million and with more traders flocking to it, we anticipate that the Status price prediction for 2024 will be at $0.31114, more than three times the price of 2023.

Exchanges are recognizing the coin’s potential and are continuing to drive up its market cap, giving traders an opportunity to invest large amounts and small amounts. With so many cost-efficient solutions, it is no surprise that the coin is becoming increasingly popular and the global nature of the coin is just a bonus.

2025 Status Price Prediction

If we look at the 2025 Status price prediction, we can see that the coin is likely to continue with its steady rise throughout the year. With plans to increase the coin’s Ethereum scalability and build on the Android platform, the coin is set to benefit from a surge in its value. We anticipate that the market capitalization of Status will reach an eye-catching $385.243 million in 2025 and its value expected to rise to $0.533 at the end of the year.

2026 Status Price Prediction

Moving into the next year, the Status price prediction for 2026 gives a more exciting prospect. With the coin’s total market cap expected to reach $614.396 million by the end of 2026, we predict that the value of the coin will be quite substantial at $0.805. Investors are highly optimistic about the coin and its future plans, which also contributes to them investing more and more in the coin.

2027 Status Price Prediction

Unlike the past few years where Price of Status has seen an healthy rise, we anticipate that the 2027 Status Price Prediction will be a bit different due to the consolidation year that started at the end of 2026. The coin’s market cap will likely settle around $817.675 million, and its value will settle around $0.934 at the end of the year.

2028 Status Price Prediction

As we head towards the end of this whirlwind decade, the 2028 Status Price Prediction is still hopeful for the coin. With plans in place to improve the coin’s DApp and Ethereum scalability, the value of Status is predicted to reach $1.211 and its market cap is expected to rise to $1.033 billion. Thanks to the coin’s global presence, more and more investors are getting interested by the second, introducing more cost-efficient investment opportunities and driving up the price.

2029 Status Price Prediction

A year later and we’re almost at the end of this decade. The 2029 Status Price Prediction is even more remarkable than of its previous year, as the coin’s value is expected to climb to $1.548 and the market cap to reach $1.339 billion. Again, there’s no surprise to this Price prediction as the coin’s developers are continuously working on improvements that make the coin even more attractive.

2030 Status Price Prediction

Finally, we have reached the end of the decade and the Status Price Prediction for 2030 is strikingly optimistic. With recent reports showing a massive improvement in the coin’s user base and its global presence, we predict that the coin’s value is likely to reach $1.885 and the total market cap to stand around $1.649 billion.


There’s no denying that Status has navigated the decade with resilience and impressive results. Despite the many highs and lows in the crypto market, the coin is holding strong and is expected to close the decade with even more impressive market capitalization and value. Although the future is unpredictable, we anticipate that the coin will continue to grow in the same way, giving traders and investors more options in cost-effective investments.


What is the predicted status price from 2023 to 2030?

The predicted prices of Status from 2023 to 2030 cannot be accurately determined, due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. However, SNT is predicted to increase between now and 2030 based on current market trends.

Is Status a good investment for the long-term?

Yes, Status is a good investment for the long term. As more people become interested in cryptocurrency investments, SNT is expected to benefit from increased awareness and demand. Additionally, the current low value provides an ideal opportunity for investors to purchase SNT for a potentially higher return should the market go up in value.

How has the 2022 crypto market crash impacted the forecast of Status price?

The 2022 crypto market crash has caused widespread uncertainty across the cryptocurrency industry, including Status. As such, exact price forecasts cannot be accurately determined until the impact of the crash has been fully felt. Some experts predict an eventual return to pre-crash levels, while others believe the crash may have a lasting effect on the cryptocurrency market. Regardless, Status is still a promising investment opportunity with potential for growth in the long term.

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