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BitIndex Prime’s Trading Platform Can be Trusted? [2022]

BitIndex Prime

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Description: BitIndex Prime's Trading Platform Can be Trusted? [2022]

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Is BitIndex Prime a suitable trading platform for Bitcoin? Read this BitIndex Prime review to find out.



  • Ability to trade and buy across many assets classes
  • Transparent structure fee
  • Seamless account opening and simple, clear interface and setup
  • Low minimum amount

In contrast, BitIndex Prime also has some drawbacks associated with its use, some of which, are provided in this BitIndex Prime review:


  • Requires users to monitor the platform for functionality


Overview of BitIndex Prime

  • Web-based platform 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • No hidden costs 

If you happen to be looking to open a trading account, this BitIndex Prime review is here to help you determine if BitIndex Prime is the right trading platform for you. Offering users the ultimate comprehensive trading package, BitIndex Prime stands out among the top online trading platforms. 

Introduction to BitIndex Prime

BitIndex Prime is a pleasantly simple trading platform for investing in assets like cryptocurrencies, altcoins, stocks, commodities, and indices, and as such, is a cryptocurrency exchange where investors can purchase and sell assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum with ease. 

Therefore, the easiest place for a new crypto investor to enter the world of trading is through BitIndex Prime. More experienced traders may also prefer to use BitIndex Prime as their trading platform, as it offers margin accounts and the trading of riskier products that are useful in some trading strategies, in addition to the general buying and selling of crypto at market rates. 

Overall, BitIndex Prime is a good fit for investors who are looking for an all-around solution that is most likely going to fulfill all their investing needs, regardless of their experience in trading. 

Features of BitIndex Prime

Traders seeking fully featured platforms will not be disappointed with what BitIndex Prime has to offer. The prominent features of BitIndex Prime are discussed in detail below:

Cryptocurrency Trading 

If you happen to have an interest in cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, BitIndex Prime is a great trading platform for you. Cryptocurrency trading has been integrated into BitIndex Prime’s multi-asset platform. As such, BitIndex Prime supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including some of the most popular ones:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Solana (SOL)

Additionally, BitIndex Prime also supports a handful of stablecoins, for example, USD Coin, Dai, and Tether. Users can even convert fiat currencies. US dollars can be converted into Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, and Swiss francs, should a user wish to do so. However, it is important to note that, depending on a client’s location, not all currencies will be available for every country. 

Trading Experience 

BitIndex Prime features two trading platforms and depending on a person’s trading experience in the active market and their choice of cryptocurrency, users may prefer one platform over the other. In either case, however, there is a platform that is suitable for both a beginner trader and a more experienced one. 

It is best for beginners to start off with the central BitIndex Prime trading platform. They can quickly and easily buy cryptocurrency from a linked bank account when they have a verified account with BitIndex Prime. It is also just as easy to convert or sell different currencies in their account as well. 

While the second trading platform will prove to be extremely intimidating to crypto newbies, it’s worth its weight in gold for trading oldies. It is an active trading platform that works through a web browser and includes detailed asset information such as active charts and a view of open orders. 

Anyone with a BitIndex Prime account can use either one of these trading platforms.


Crypto accounts are a common target for fraudulent activity, as cryptocurrency blockchain transactions generally cannot be reversed. Therefore, security features are possibly more important to users than an advanced or simple interface. If users stick to the good online security practices available in BitIndex Prime, then their account should be safe from cybercriminals who are trying to drain a user’s balance. 

BitIndex Prime features two-factor authentication, which is an extremely wise feature for a user to add once they have funded their account. Different two-factor codes can be created for when a user signs in, trades, or withdraws. 

Even more so, BitIndex Prime also has a security feature where users are able to lock their account from any potential changes, should they be concerned about their account being breached. 

While many users have a very positive experience with BitIndex Prime, it is possible for an account to be hacked. When this happens, the owner of an account will normally lose everything, as there is no option available for them to recover lost assets when it comes to any trading platform. Therefore, it is important that users are aware of the risks of using BitIndex Prime or any other exchange and also of the security features that help minimize them.    

Customer Service 

BitIndex Prime support is available to users around the clock via email, phone, and even live chat. Customer service is among the most significant features of BitIndex Prime, and while most exchanges are primarily self-service, it is possible for users to reach human support for any type of help that they may require. 

Customer support options that are officially supported by BitIndex Prime are:

  • BitIndex Prime help page 
  • Automated phone system 
  • Chatbot
  • Emailed support tickets

When all is working as expected, you will most likely find yourself to be a happy BitIndex Prime customer. If things don’t go as planned, BitIndex Prime can offer help in navigating scams, hacked accounts, and possibly even locked accounts. 

How to Sign up to BitIndex Prime

Signing up with BitIndex Prime is a similar process to signing up for most cryptocurrency exchanges and stock brokerages. If users have all their information at hand, getting their BitIndex Prime account up and running shouldn’t take forever. 

When signing up with BitIndex Prime through your desktop or mobile device via its web browser, you will need to provide the platform with contact information. This can be anything from your name to your address, phone number, and social security number. In the financial industry, this information is necessary for the requirements of the know-your-customer (KYC) process. 

Users are also required to verify their BitIndex Prime account in order to have access to all of its trading features. Here, they will provide a copy of a government-issued ID, passport, or driver’s license, as well as a picture of them holding this government-issued document. If a user chooses to continue without submitting this information, they will be stuck with limited account functionality.  

How to Use BitIndex Prime

Before trading can begin, a user will need to deposit funds into their BitIndex Prime account. When your account has been funded, you can now use the following steps to place your first order. 

One of the quickest ways to instantly buy, sell and convert crypto is by using the “Buy Crypto” button that can be found somewhere at the top of BitIndex Prime’s homepage. From there:

1. Select a currency pair:

You will first be required to know what assets you actually want to exchange. Once you know what pairs you will be trading, you can select them in the ticket or quote bar near the top left corner in the “Trade” tab. 

The first currency in a pair represents the base currency, while a quote currency is represented by the second pair. In a buy order, you will pay quote currency to receive base currency. Whereas, in a sell order, you will sell the base currency to receive quote currency. 

2. Fill out the order form:

Now that you have selected your trading pair. Select the “Simple” form found on the “New Order” page. Here, you will have three text boxes and the option to use a market or limit order. 

3. Submit your order:

Review that you have selected the correct choice on the left of the “Total” field, and then proceed to press the large “Buy or Sell” button. This will bring you to an order confirmation screen, giving users the chance to double-check their orders. 

This screen can be avoided if a user checks the “Skip order confirmation” box.  

4. Wait for order execution:

If you selected a market order in the steps above, your trade should happen instantly, and your balance will reflect your new order. Funds can then be withdrawn or used to trade again straight away. Users can view market orders that have been successfully executed on the “Orders” tab. 

Orders not yet executed can be canceled via the “New and Open Orders” tab by clicking the red “X” button. 

The Trading Platform for You

BitIndex Prime’s features make it an excellent choice for beginner and expert cryptocurrency traders alike, especially those who are currently on the hunt for a new trading platform. Its low fees, multi-asset platform, and security protocols are all on the draw. Compared to its competitors, BitIndex Prime is a viable option when trading and investing in cryptocurrency. When using BitIndex Prime as your trading platform, you should have a positive experience when it comes to the buying and selling of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitIndex Prime Good for Beginners?

BitIndex Prime is suitable for both beginner and more experienced traders. Its robust security features and low fee structure make it an excellent platform for low or high-volume users. 

Do You Need a Wallet for BitIndex Prime?

BitIndex Prime is a trading platform, not a wallet service. Users can deposit funds to BitIndex Prime’s corporate wallet for safekeeping while funds are being used, but no personal wallet service is provided. 

What Is BitIndex Prime?

BitIndex Prime is a trading platform for the exchanging of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. 

How Does BitIndex Prime Work?

BitIndex Prime works by matching orders from users who want to buy cryptocurrencies with orders from users who are wanting to sell cryptocurrencies and vice versa. 

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